Good evening, I want to drink Sprite !

Distribution, in all kind of business always costed. For example, a price of a book calculated by the production cost, profit for the publishing, price of author and content of the book, storage, promotion, and also distribution. One of the big book publisher in Indonesia take about 40% of book price for distribution. That’s why the branch of the bookstore from big city to a small city become so important, as business and as duty of education. If in Jakarta, Bandung, and Jogja you could find lots of book stores, from convenient store with air conditioning, computer for searching the book, big discount, until bookstore that you couldn’t find the book except ask the promotion girl, you couldn’t find that fact here.

The first step in Central Celebes, i found there were only one bookstore. It’s not bad, cause lots of people come, parents with the kids try to find a book for school or an adult who try to find a great novel. I think book business is not so easy in the place where people don’t think that book is pleasure. I found only big publisher could distribute those books. I dont even recognize the price, does it have the same with the books in Java ? In Java,I always calculate the book with read the C4 page of the book, the author, and the title, then I compared with other books that I really want. Then I ask my self, which one should I take, when will I read the book, do I have enough money to buy it ? But here, I just think, ohhh this is great book that I can find, I have no more choice, and I think other people could enjoy on read the book. Just simply that.

But, what about people who were not used to read the book ? What about people who think that book as cost, but clothes and make up are more important ? Then, the tv  come with lots of programs and lots of advertisements. So the black box replace the stage of reading into the stage of watching and listening. So, how could young people eager to learn more when young people in Singapore get used to read the text book ? How if these two people meet, in the same age, but from the different condition ?

Other story, I found other commodity that easylly found here : instant food. I found the product of Garuda Food (lots of snack), Orang Tua, until Coca cola company ! It’s easier to buy Sprite here than Ultra Milk here. It’s much easier you drink Coca cola than open the coconut and the the freshness of its water. And remember, it’s not only about drinking but also about life style. I watch Sprite commercial on tv and i can drink it ! So I’m part of global citizen who taste the same food and baverage with all teenager around the world.

That’s why I would like to appreciate the power of distribution of multi national company in all part of Indonesia where distribution cost alot. How could Alpenliebe candy stand on the market ? and I found Tango wafer beside Kacang garuda ? Well, your business system is so strong. I hope I can eat with Alice and shrink, then I follow the distribution way of Alpenliebe candy, from the factory in Java until far far away in West Celebes. How many agent took apart on that distribution way, how many family supported with working on that distribution, and how much the distribution cost calculated so the candy can be buy by a 5 years old kid ?


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