Multiculturalism is nothing

As i grew up in my hometown, I’ve read and discuss about conflict, violence, and active non violence. But here, I feel like I burnt in the athmosphere of conflict. My husband said, ‘That’s life, that’ll be alot of dynamic process.’  Yes right, my lecture, Mas Najib Azca, Mbak Diah Kusumaningrum, Pak Samsu Rizal Panggabean, also Pak Lambang Trijono said, ‘Don’t look conflict with bad perspective, cause conflict can be good to make one step kindness’ (not precisely that word). From the book, I read that the most important things is conflict transformation : how to make conflict become the social transformation (into better condition). Is it right ? Once I got it as subject matter at class, I understand it as fine-ideal condition. But then ?

Suddently, I trapped on Indonesia mini, a new province of Indonesia with the people with various background. It’s been almost 3 months I lived here and I found that, conflict was easilly made. Imagine : You live with people from various culture, habbits, way of thinking, education, open/close minded  and maturity way of thinking. Then your husband’s boss wife ask you to become the member of committee. You meet the stakeholders, with their personal problem, face in a room either with 4 walls, tables, chairs,  or the sky as the limit…umm… What is that ? What should you do to arrange this ? Can I use my experience and my knowledge to solve the problem ?

Hmm.. wait a minute. Does the culture here is suitable with the culture where you lived before ?  Well, first, you have to understand how’s the cultural background and characteristic of people here. Then, be careful, because people is not only about culture, but also its personal experience. Does he/she ever live in another place with another condition ? Does He/She ever take a part in organization and committee ? Does She/He ever become a leader of any kind organization/committee ? What does She/He think about her/himself? Does any other people have a good relation with her/him? If He/She make a trouble, then how’s the way out ? Those questions are only a little raw research question to examine your partner.

Text book said that communication-mutual understanding is the way to build multiculturalism. Is that so ? How if there were distrust among people ? Doing workshop? In communal environment like this, you should build the trust. You should build it with cultural and social capital, and also positioning the leader (cultural, business, or institution’s leader) as the central of negotiation, because they have big influence on people and on the decicion made. .hmm…Looks so easy to say and to analyze, yow?

So let me tell you, the problem of multiculturalism is not (only) about religion, but it’s more about how do they think about themselves, degree of logical maturity, degree of emotion, and the dependent of communality behaviour. I think I need to meet psycholog to discuss about this further…



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