One step ahead

It’s been a long journey to get here. We have to take 3 airports, and 5 hours journey by motorcycle/4 hours by car. Now i live in West Celebes. I’ve been twenty something live in Indonesia, Yogyakarta Special Region (Jogja), that have very different characteristic. In Jogja, every issue could be serious, problematical, and open the sphere for dialogue, analyze and critic. Sometimes we talk about something that’s not important for people in rural area, urban area, conflict area, and another areas. But we said ‘That’s very important ! This is the problem! People there doesn’t aware that they ware modified by the system of sentralization of this rezim. We should overcome this !’  Then, we make a movement, we make a discussion, we make a program, we make special performance on the street, cultural centers, etc. And the public have great appreciation of every activity, regarded by the existing of many groups/communities, or people involved. How wonderful it is !That’s what I call humanizing human, and humanizing city. Jogja give you chance if you want to take a part.

So, here I am, with a full consciousness, take my self from heaven of the world to step another journey. I live with my beloved husband in a West Celebes (it even not stated on map), to find another adventure. Cheers !


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