The Rain

Indonesia has 2 seasons, rainy season (Oct-Mar) and dry season (Apr-Sept). Unlike the country with 4 season, this equator country get sunshine in 6 months and that is enough time to cultivate the land with rice and other farming herbs. The tropical forest rich with its big trees protected the earth from the lack of O2. With thousand hectare forests, Indonesia become the lungs of the world. That’s lesson for today from my warm primary school teacher, and it made me proud to be Indonesian. If in Japan, the weather forecast became the popular person and the audience waited for his show, in Indonesia, we just look in the sky for cumulus, nimbus, or cirrus, and predict how long the warm sunshine will warming the earth.

But nowadays, we couldn’t predict the rain anymore. When the sun shown up herself, its warm smile made us run on the field with kite. But if she didn’t ? Even the wet clothes hang on the string for 4 days. Hmm…  What’s wrong with the earth we lived ?

As I learnt at school, homogenous forest gave a bad influence on the ecosystem. The biodiversity diminished and extincted. But how about the term of productivity ? What about cultivating the forest for human living ? As I now live near the homogenous forest, I still meet the various animals and plants (maybe it’s not as rich as the jungle), such as ‘’biawak’’, dragon fly (red, brown, transparent), birds, etc, and many kinds of trees. Will they extinct time by time after human exploited the land because human need to fullfil the necessity of living ? Well, that is debatable. If you were not part of them, you can say  that biodiversity were everything and opening the forest is a  bad action. But then, you could see how people hang on natural resources for living. They could be the labour, the developper, the contractor, or the local citizen who meet the world development and couldn’t live for only bartering spinach with a monthly student allowance.

Live is changing so fast and this fast changing have an impact to human living, human way of thinking, and human exploitation. It’s like you drink cold water on the dessert, you want to drink more and more until the water extinct and other people couldn’t get the water because we take it for our shake.

Well, so what is the limit of exploitation and how green is the company give a social responsibility to the community ? I don’t say that this is a multiple choice question and tell you wrong and right, but we were in grey area with multiple interest. The most important thing is how people and company who take a part on exploitation do not greedy to take the benefit of the natural resource exploitation and responsible for future living.

This morning, the rain has fallen and it made the road so bad.  If you ride motorcycle, you should be very careful because you can stuck on it, otherwise there will be a temporary flood that even you couldn’t passed  the road. If you go with car or bus, your hand should hold tight the hanger, so you would be ‘safe’ on your chair. One thing that you should belive : the driver was expert on driving so the car/bus won’t jump over to the river.

So my first thought this morning are : Do the kids go to school this day ? Do the parents allow them to get 2 hours lesson with passing the rain ? Could the teacher passed the  bad road ? This is true, I’m not exagerating. The rain, come as much as she want, the rain (in rainy and dry season) have big impact on what will we do this day. (The farmer that will planting, fertilizing, and harvesting the palm, the work of the factory : grading, boiling and the other other plans of this day). Good morning everybody !


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