The Rebel

I saw book with Che in the mug, titled ‘The rebel sell’. Is that so ? Does the rebel sold ?

People say, just follow the water. We are hungry and thirsty, we don’t need explanation ! I met people with rebel sense from their story life, attitute, word choice, and strategy of tricking. When you were part of the office, you worked in a big company with tight schedule and SOP, you have to follow the direction. You wear uniform, go at 7, get back at 4, then you get the money. You have a beautiful wife or handsome husband with car on your garrage. Then, how can your self rebel that system ? How if you had a naughty idea that were un common with them?

Hmmm…. is there any relation between them, dude? Nope ! in modern organization, indeed there is no relation between them. But if you trapped on communality, you get better realized that you are not suit on that place.

What is your reaction then ? making violence action ?

Hemm… you need to keep your rebel sense. Do nut crush it. But we always need your reason. Is that reasonable or not? If I borrow the sociology theory, functional structural, you will see how’s the meaning of everything to everything. That people exist for other, and the relation, the conflict, the problem, were used to build the strength of structure. Conflict should be minimized or solved because it ruin the power structure. The problem here’s the structure is not a pattern, the structure was made by the leader to maintain their power. So if the leader change, then there will be another pattern ( that is what I called unstructural structure). Once you do what you want, but it wasn’t your leader wants, then you’ll crush by your environment (your friend, enemy, your leader, people surround you, and the culture will talk : hoho… what’s you do is cruel!).

So, I would like to ask you, where is the truth ? What is the basic of truth ? How can we say that this one is correct and that ones is incorrect ?

Well, for me, logic thinking is the answer. Use the brain, heart, but not emotion. Remember, emotion were so harmful to make you do something crazy, and sometimes something stupid, and let you become a tiny people without good reason. It’s not easy as I said, coz I got trouble on it too with my new environment here, but at least this writing made me feel better with analyzed what’s goin on here and my reflection inside.


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