Watchout, the cow is there !

I remember. I saw a signage shaped animal with a special pedestrian way above the street. But that’s somewhere in the heart of Europe. On the way here, you’ll meet cow crossing the street or just hang out to find some grass. The cows have brown color, and they are the king of the street. Why ? because if you drive and the accident happened between you and them, then you have to pay 10.000.000 IDR (ten million rupiah) for one, regardless it’s a toddler, teenage, or old cow.

Another story, I saw the cows eat plants in front of my neighbour’s house. They chew the little papaya trees that just grow up, they eat cassava’s leaves, and another. Waw? Who is the owner, anyway ? That’s indigenous farmer’s cow. So, who is the owner of this place, these plants ? Human’s or animal’s ?

Another experience. I met frog on my kitchen. Where do they come from ? I met kaki seribu (thousand feet?), in various size : little, teenege, and adult, walking on the wall. Waww, it’s so scarry ! I met worm on my room. Where do they come from ? So, who is the invaders ? Who is the owner of this place ? Who’s dangerous for who?

Our earth is living. It’s not just a place where people cultivate and explore anything as much as people want. Our earth have its own right to live, so the animals and plants have its right to live too. As we, as human, have brain and heart to think and to feel, let we put them as our friend to live in this world. Don’t kill them if they didn’t bother you..


2 thoughts on “Watchout, the cow is there !

  1. Welcome to the “jungle” …. Hehehe ….
    Not only at North Mamuju, Sis. At Janti there are also some creature that U can find inside the house … Hm … maybe because we have a “MiniJungle” at our backyard. Hahahaha ….. You know what I mean …. 🙂

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