No TV at home? It’s fine!

These two weeks, my hometown, near Mt Merapi, trembling with panic with the activity of Mt. Merapi. I don’t know why, but I always not stayed in my hometown when the disaster come. At 2006, earthquake destroyed Jogja surround, and this year-2010, volcano eruption came. From the distance, I found something about the role of media and information techno.

Since internet is my media information, I always update the information through Jalinmerapi,, and It was three websites, beside facebook, I opened almost everyday. I’m not a facebooker, I just need to know the information from my friend. Open my facebook make me understand what happened there. I found my friends worked as the volunteer helping the survivor, and I really want to be there to do something.

Last Friday, 3 November 2010 was the panic time. My parents and my brother-sister’s families live in Jogja, while my parents in law live in Klaten, near Mt. Merapi. My parents in Klaten moved from the house (cause it is on danger area) and stay in my brother in law’s house in Klaten city.

The fast information is come, every news report the update, and we know our family’s condition and the situation right there. Now I notice the date, day, and hour for the newest information. The needed of food, blankets, clothes, pampers, milk for baby, truck, medicine, etc become the very crucial information, so people could help hand in hand each other with their capacity.

What I always update were the news from Mt Merapi activity, the survivor, volunteer, and their condition, and also my big family condition. I chat with my sister in law, while she were prepare her baby for sleep, or sms my sister to know my parents condition, or call my parents in law to make sure that they were ok. Sometimes I send sms or chat with my friend with yahoomessenger. What I want to point out is I can use alot of media information here meanwhile I’ve been hundreds kilometers far with them. With information technology, I feel closed with them. And maybe I got faster information than my family in Jogja or Klaten cause they were on the site.

Information technology have a big role in communication. While I check the situation on internet, I can feel what people feel and I read how’s the reaction for media that much much exagerating the news. And also, I found that there lots of rude words in internet to counter the statement from our minister, the bad news report of our tv channel, and chaos made by the production house after a tv program. I don’t know, maybe because most of Jogja people (youngster and adult) open minded and familiar with technology, so they use it as maximum as they can. Then I found that internet and other information technology give opportunity for us to do a lot. Sure, we should use it wisely.

So, thanks to my husband for prepare the internet media (modem, antene, etc), and my friends that always update their comment in facebook. We don’t have TV in our home, but we always update the information that closed to valid. I’m not so worry about no TV at home as long as the internet connection is worked. Eventhough we live near the forest, but we were still connected with you all that stayed on the center of information. Our cellphone wasn’t the newest, but we try to maximize the technology tools we had.

No TV is fine since our national tv channel full booked by infotainment and sinetron (TV cable is the answer for better program and information). As I mentioned before, the most important was not about the TV itself, but the information we got from TV and how we follow it up. The winner is the one who have the information’s tools, the one who have the information, and use it wisely. So, no TV at home ? It’s fine !


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