The Complexity of Survival

Survival for the fittest! That’s what Darwin said on evolution. We are the family of primate that should adaptate time by time to survive. And here we are now,standing as homo sapiens in our race. Recently, archeolog team in South Sumatra release the invention of our ancestor. What a great invention ! (Archeolog were so cool, working without expose, looking forward  the mystery. It’s kind of exotic work that not everybody can understand. They are the people who have their own joy and desire). It’s like the working of scientist. The scientist examine the fact with theory and produce new theory. It is not easy and not common people could understand how they worked because the scientist always want to find where is the truth and what behind the truth. And I need to warm my head up to keep my brain work.

Well, this morning, a friend came early in our home and He said goodbye cause his period of management trainee was over cause He wasn’t pass the final test. He will go to the nearest airport this afternoon and go back to Java on first flight tomorrow. He have a plan for the next and apply on another company in the different area of work. He said that working with farmer was very complex and wasn’t easy. He’ll find another more suitable job.

In other case, a man resigned from work because he had a problem with his neighbour. He couldn’t handle the pressure of conflict with his neighbour, because they meet in working area and at home.

If I try to figured these two kinds of problems, I found that survival for the fittest work in every area, especially in working area. The problem come when the survivor failed in field work and in the human relationship.

Who make the rule, who said that you are fit on this position or you were not? What kind of criteria that you might know for failed or pass the test ? I found that the problem come technically- in working area and on human relation. Imagine, you work in a company and you live with your colleage as neighbour. You’ll meet them everyday. Problem in working area could continue in neighbourhood.

I remember, my colleage said  that industry need structure to support the system. To perfom well, people should have no problem with the basic needs : problem of food, housing, health, etc. That’s why industry make a housing area for his employees. The way to make industry runs well is by providing a good housing, electricity, water, etc so that people don’t worry about the family’s life anymore and the worker will work harder. Industry need a good production, good and strong people, so they will get good profit (profit for company and wage for worker). And the result, industy make benefit for the human development eventhough maybe they make some destruction to the environment.

Then, promotion comes for the employee who dedicate for his company, good work, innovative, discipline, etc (industry also make criteria to make his employee happy to work, with promotion,  bonus, etc). The function of it is to make the company bigger and get more profit. So, if we used the industry point of view, this is the product of capitalist who wants to produce lots of profit and deliver it to the owners and bring prosperity to the workers, from the general manager until the gardener. So everybody happy : the worker and the owner.

I’ve lived in housing area too. My father have been worked in a big hotel, and my friends were the children’s employer. As a child, I just played with my friends and absolutely I didn’t understand how’s the housing problem with cultural relation and the stage of work. We’ve lived there since I was born until I studied at Junior high school (when my father retired).

Now, I try to understand what’s in people mind and how’s the survival worked. Stratification always happend because of the level of work. If you had a better job, you’ll get a better facility and also elite group for human relation.

Gossiping is exist everywhere but people need it for the existance. Will you be the alien who live  alone ?

So what makes people survive in the area of work and home ? Money, occupation, family saving, and future. How many months or years, you can say that this work is fit on you or you just have to get out of this and find another job? How you put the exit strategy and survive for living? Hmm.. survival for the fittest. We have to make a planning for this, haven’t you ?


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