How many hours in a day you sleep? Take a nap or sleep at nite ? Sleeping is part of human necessities. Sleep well in quantity and quality make you fresh and be ready for the next task. When I was young, there was no story for take a nap. Most of my ‘sleeping time’ used to ride somewhere to do this thing or another things. Take a nap just make me feel weak and lazy to take the class. The laziest class was Friday, after Jum’atan. The situation always made me sleepy, and I didn’t know why, the Arabic class and tafsir hadits scheduled on Friday afternoon and evening.. Oh, that’s so bad. Lesson about arabic things and ushul fiqh always made me down cause I started it from zero, while most of my friends already got it in pesantren. I looked so stupid at that time. In another life, I should run to another place to get another class-Sejarah Sosial Politik- the class that I barely never in cause the time was so closed with my previous class. Time was run and I only had 30 minutes to moved to another place. Thanks to my sister and brother in law that put their motorcycle at home so it became my beloved friend everywhere.

Next stage was my working time. I spare my take a nap time with lunch, stay with computer, while jazzy music played to made us alive. Sleepy time was when another people out of office. Nowadays, my take a nap time is for having lunch together, take care of the plants, writing an essay, or prepare for the afternoon activity. Sometimes, just sometimes I took a nap when I feel so sleepy and fatigue. But then, it’s hard to wake up cause my body looks like glued by the pillow.

But my beloved husband, he could sleep everywhere and everytime since his work is overtime and he should take care of many things. I see that he could enjoy his opportunity for sleeping and he used it as much as possible. So what about you ? did you sleep well last nite, or could you take a nap even for 30 minutes and be ready for the next stage?

(this article make me sleep.. damn!)


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