The art of love

How big is your love to this world? How strong your hate to burn the stone ? How intense you fool yourself for something unimportant ?

Hmm.. I think we have to know the basic of life. How can we say that this one is important and another is unimportant ? Brother and sister just walk around my house. They look so busy until don’t realize that I sit in my living room. I found that the brother need to go to the mosque for learning reading quran, while none of his friend ready on mosque cause there are a birthday party. Which one is more important? Which one is more fun ? You could answer my question, couldn’t you?

Hm… love is blind, doesn’t it? Sometimes you love somebody and you can’t say even a word. There are something inside your self, put the sensor to your brain and you couldn’t explain how.

But sometimes you have a different point of view. Something that you think it’s right, but he think   it was wrong. What you think important, he think unimportant. You won’t see his eyes and neither he does. He closed his face with pillow, whether you cover your body with blanket.

But then, he said sorry for the conflict, he gave you the reason, and you told him your reason too.. and so does it work. And so the story goes. We still walk hand in hand to walk in our way, to catch his dream and my dream, harmonize it to become our dream. What about you ?


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