Herb Treasure Hunt

Last month we played herb treasure hunt.

We tried to find any kind of herb in environment around us. In the term of green map, it was on the survey step. In this project, children should made a list contained with :

–          Shape of leaf (they should tag the leaf to the paper)

–          Name (they should find the name of that herb, they could ask anybody, usually to the owner of the plant)

–          Function (they should find the function of the herb, they could ask anybody)

–          Place (where they found that herbs)

We made a group contain of 2-4 kinds. I found that not all kids could work in a team. Some of them gave up with the job after saw the progress of other group. Some of them made it alone because their friend couldn’t work in team. And ….Voila !

''Ini namanya daun GPU (gosok pijit urut),'' kata Irfan

''Ini namanya daun GPU (gosok pijit urut),'' kata Irfan

Ee...kita diberitahu Bapaknya Adam, banyak daun le...

tulis pakai tangan kanan atau kiri boleh semuanya....

Raw conclusion :

Mother (and some fathers) in this environment have what I called ‘herb knowledge’. They planted the herb and they knew its function for medical treatment. For instance : pecah beling, jarak, kumis kucing, guava leaf, sembung leaf, meniran, etc….. This is so great! This herb knowledge could protect their family from desease, or they could make a prevention. This is called living pharmacy (apotek hidup).

For the children, knowing the herb treasure in the environment with asking to older people (parents or friend’s parents) is the tools to develop children braveness. Sometimes children shy enough to communicate with older people, in order to ask something.

From the process of herb treasure hunt, children look interested to found much and much herb leaves surround them. I said, the more they found the leaves, the more I gave star to them. Look ! our environment give lots of resources. Knowing, learning, and practising !