Good bye, farewell, aufwiedersehen, a bientot !

For the 1st time, i dunno what to do… what? Get packed? Get ready ? just go ?

A week ago, pabrik family made me wonder. They made an amazing farewell party for me ! Vihar, the creative boy, read a beautiful poetry. Bu Robert Noke, a singer, gave me a beautiful poetry too..

I don’t know, do I really like the person on poet they made? Then, suddently, the choir sang 2 wonderful songs. They even cried when they just started singing. Bu Alfonsius, Bu Robert Noke, Bu Lorensius, Ma Ba’li (!), Ma Rina, Bu Yosep, Bu Paskalis Doa, Bu Simon, Bu Alwi and lots of mother sang for me. Thank you…. even Pak Robert Noke shout to his wife, ‘Hoi, solo kok nangis!’

Then, our wonderful mother, Bu Rasyid, put the ring on my finger.

They were very sincere. I even didn’t know the farewell, unless Bu Rasyid blurt out that they prepared it for me…

Thanks, for about 1 year and 6 months, I said hello to them, eat barobok, sup ubi, kapurung, etc with them. Sometimes I pray sholat at their house when the sholat time come. We went to the market, doing gym ‘Ayo Bersatu and Pramuka’ every Wednesday evening and Friday morning, I tought the children about one year  only.

Toraja, Bugis, NTT, Java, mandar, moslem, christian, catholic, and all community lived in pabrik’s dormitory surprised me with the farewell. Mothers and kids joined together.

Thank you everyone.

I only give your kid a STAR.

I only encourage your kids to enjoy learning.

And you do lots of wonderfull things to me.

Pabrik family were my home, even my house were in basecamp.

May God bless you all




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