This is what i called next journey. Have you ever seen Natgeo Adventure on TV ? I really appreciate that channel. It tell us about the mission of the journey. It’s like, we have some mission on earth that we stand right now, and be ready for the next adventure, with its rich cultural and social relation inside.

The mission of this blog site is to give any information about living in a little sphere of Indonesia, that Indonesia is not only Java. Indonesia is very big, with hundreds ethnic, means thousand hundreds people, means hundreds way of thinkings, hundreds stupidities and misunderstandings, hundreds smart and fight spirits, hundreds of language diallecs and habits, thousands special recipes spread out from Aceh to Papua, and also from the diasporic Indonesians all around the world.

So, the problem of this country were not only about politic, corruption, and scandal, but this country have citizen that stratified by region, by education, by social and economic status. When children in metropolitan taking English course or playing gokart, children in transmigran area play hide and seek between the trees. Ok, we back to the topic. As you see, there are hundreds people, migrated from urban and other rural area, survived with the living condition (bad road, no traffict jam, no traffict light, and no electricity) for living.

But we are exist. We are alive, and we should alive, because we know, that we live for struggle and we are citizen of Indonesia. We sing Indonesia Raya and speak bahasa, just like other Indonesian do. So, what is your mission of life?

Salut !


8 thoughts on “About

  1. hohohoho gak sengaja nyantol di blog ini. ternyata punya teman lama. masih suka mengamati dan menulis fenomena sosial ya mbak Hani?

    salam hangat dari ujung timur jawa timur 🙂

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