Have you ever think how’s a bottle of liquid soap produced?

Last week we went to minimarket (the only one store looks like ‘minimarket’), we bought liquid soap. Well, actually we want to bought cooking oil to another shop but it’s already closed. This morning, I put the liquid soap in my hand, and I washed it, then I think, how many people involved on this thing ?

It’s started from the idea of liquid soap, the development of healthiness and nutrition poured into the soap, perfume of man or relaxing aromatic, packing process, design, distribution, advertisement, artist, hotline service, and sure, managerial. How many people involved ?

Hm… then, I read the website of a social movement. They say all bad about capitalist. I don’t want to say the one is good and another is bad, I just want to ask you to rethink these movements.

Some of the non government organization are grantee of the donor that resoursed  from capitalist industry in the world. Do you know that ? In another side, industry absorb the human resourse (lots of people on productive age), fresh graduate of university, and also people with junior high school license. It solve the problem right of unemployment now, while maybe and it should be, it works as the hanging place for people to survive.

The way of thinking friends in ‘social movement’ is by blaming all kinds of capitalism, while maybe they consume the capitalist product. Could they even think about the idea and function of mineral water, how easy does it used ? Have you ever think about something that far away from your ordinary thought, like the idea of liquid soap ?

Hmm….But remember, the capitalist don’t prepare about the consumer education. They make improvement of the product, having CSR for brand image and profit orientation, but they always do not take care about how the effect of the product on environment.

Do you remember Mentos candy ? When I was kid, mentos packed ten by ten. Now, mentos packed one by one with plastic. Industry create the market and ask market to follow and enjoy the product as easy as people consume. But industry don’t think about the material waste, about the plastic and  Indonesian people bad habit on throw away the waste everywhere. Anyway, who have the responsibility for this consumer education ? Ckckck.. Material is faster than the idea of the material product! Cellphone is faster than the question why we need those kinds of new feature of cellphone! That’s cellphone who manage you, not you who manage the cellphone !

So I think we need to rethink of any material product that we’ve had. Have we used it in maximal condition? We are a wise user, aren’t we?