Let’s Build a House ! (I)

This time we learn about family. We learn about part of house, from living room until kitchen. I realized that we must learn much vocabularies, and the idea come : we learn the vocabulary with building the house!

The first group, they build the house with brick they got from the building project next door. The kids ask to the bricklayer some bricks and other tools. They look so enjoy the game. After finished their project, the children put the name of each room, such as : living room, dining room, bathroom, etc.

The other class make me wonder. They build the house by take the clay from the palm plantation! They have to cross the moat and take the clay in earth with their hand. Either kindergarden or primary school, boys or girls, they take the clay between the palm trees. They sit easily and create dining room with its content,  even they create bathroom with shower, toothpaste, and other tools, all with tiny shape and funny creation. A piece of paper contained with the direction could encourage them to create something amazing. English-Indonesia dictionary become the guide for translation.







Thank you father and mother

Sebandel dan seaktif apa pun anak, ternyata mereka memiliki kesadaran atas perlunya berterima kasih pada orang tuanya. Di akhir tema My Family, anak-anak membuat kartu pop-up disertai ucapan terima kasih untuk orang tuanya. Sungguh mengharukan dan membahagiakan melihat dan membaca karya anak-anak ini.