Let’s build a house ! (part II)

These are children’s cute and funny creations of their activity in a day. In a group, they make it 3D with the building appliances. The idea is to buld a teamwork among them. But in general, they give a contribution without much discussion. They make no plan, they just take a part, take the lempong, create a bus, walls, plates, or even a tooth paste.. and voila!  Enjoy the show!

Wake up.. the theme is wake up in the morning. This group create a comfy bedroom. Boys ages 6-7 are the architect.

The bed room, created by the boys ages 6-8
Take a bath… Look at the shower ! There is no shower on their own house, anyway.. Maybe they will make this kind bathroom for their house. Notice the little tooth paste, soap, shampoo, and wastafel, it’s so cute ! The architect are the boys around 8-11 years old.
take a bath
It’s a breakfast time ! Look at the tiny rice, plate, and fruits.  What a  tidy dining room. The architect are the girls ages 9-11.
Go to school is the theme. The architect create a class room. There are a white board, school bus, tables, etc. The creator are the boys around 9-10 years old.
class room
Play with friends. They play ‘main karet’ with 2 bark of trees as the hanger for the rubber. The creator are the girls ages 7-8 years old.
play with friend
other fun part :
Write down the legend..
What kinds of application inside the house?
tulis legenda

Let’s Build a House ! (I)

This time we learn about family. We learn about part of house, from living room until kitchen. I realized that we must learn much vocabularies, and the idea come : we learn the vocabulary with building the house!

The first group, they build the house with brick they got from the building project next door. The kids ask to the bricklayer some bricks and other tools. They look so enjoy the game. After finished their project, the children put the name of each room, such as : living room, dining room, bathroom, etc.

The other class make me wonder. They build the house by take the clay from the palm plantation! They have to cross the moat and take the clay in earth with their hand. Either kindergarden or primary school, boys or girls, they take the clay between the palm trees. They sit easily and create dining room with its content,  even they create bathroom with shower, toothpaste, and other tools, all with tiny shape and funny creation. A piece of paper contained with the direction could encourage them to create something amazing. English-Indonesia dictionary become the guide for translation.