Lentera, light for everyone

This is ‘Lentera’, our new project. The aim of this project is to open children’s imagination and open children’s positive thinking. As we live in remote area in West Celebes, the kids around come from various ethnics and cultures : Mandar, Kaili, Toraja, Bugis, NTT (that’s how they called themselves), Java, Bali, Sunda, etc. They live together, play together, and sometimes fight instead of play. Since I realized that sharing is the best way on living, I only could share my passion on learning and playing with children. So, during my arrival last June 2011, I started to play and learn with children around. I believe that children in town, in remote area, house from brick or from wood, they have the same opportunity to seize the day, to dream, and to walk with their dream for the future. And here, the theory of multiculturalism meet with reality. And so does the rainbow painted in the sky. With the fun hand made book shelf from the jackfruit tree in front of our house, the children took the book and found which one they want to borrow. Not much book on the shelf actually, but this enough to make them interested with, familiar with, and (finally) in love with book. We hope that in the future, they become a person with imagination, creativity, and cares. Welcome to ‘Lentera’..