Will you be my pen friend ?

“Look Lola, It’s a letter for you !” said Charlie.

“Open it Charlie!” Lola said.

“Yes, and look! It’s from a boy, far away from China, and a message for you !”

…….“Hallo Lola, My name is …..(Chinese word), Will you be my pen friend?”….

“Oh.. a letter for me, far away from China. You see Charlie, I’m the only luckies person in the whole wide world !” said Lola.


Lucky, Lucky Me, in Charlie and Lola series became the preambule for the activity of pen friend. We got letters from Java ! Yap, friends in Kartasura, Central Java, sent letters. They were from TPA El Nile under coordination of Kak Azzah  Nilawaty.

The letter flew from Kartasura Central Java to Palu, Central Celebes, and arrived in Pak Slash’s home. Then, because Mrs Slash had not stayed at home at the time the postman came, the mail back to the post office. The postman called me, who lived in West Celebes (about 300 km), and asked me to pick the mail in the post office. Then, I ask my friend that in the following day will go to Palu, to take that letter. When the driver took that letter from the post office in Palu, Mr. postman called me to make some clarification. And finally, after the long journey, the precious letter arrived in my house 🙂

So then, I delivered the letters to the kids and we made some letters (actually it’s postcard) back to friends of el Nile. There were 9 letters, while we were more than 9 people. Because we were so exited, one letter replayed for 2-3 people.

The children looked so happy get a letter from their friends in Java. They made postcards, made a picture in one side, and write about themselves in other side of paper. It’s a little bit hard, because we have no habit on writing yet. ‘What should I write, Miss?’ every kids asked me. I told them, ‘Introduce yourself, name, class, age, hobby, game, etc.. most of them answer with regarding the letter.

Eh, kalau suratmu seperti apa? Aku bingung mau tulis apa ya...

Aii...di mana bukunya itu Miss? ada gambar orang main sepak bola...(note : rencana gambar postcard : orang main bola)


dibuat seperti ini lho.....






Some of them put the photo to their pen friend and asked the pen friend to send the photo too.

kartu siapa ini? saya mau bikin juga...


kepada Azzah El Nile, kartasura jawa tengah

Raw conclusion :

I found the gap between kids in Java and here. Letters from Java, from the kids in 5th grade was full with very tidy and full handwriting in the paper. They look used to write alot. Maybe their teacher in Java often asked them to write alot, or they used to read book, magazine, or newspaper.

However, I hope they could be a good pen friend. It’s not only for one time, but for next and next times. And when they grow up in the following years, both have a family in Java and Celebes. A land that far from imagination. Just like Charlie and Lola… Lucky lucky us !




Surat untuk aysha (5/12/2011)

Selasa yang lalu, teman-teman kecil di mamuju utara sempat ym bersama aysha, teman kecil yang tinggal di jogja. Kami sempat menyapa dengan menulis nama masing-masing lewat keyboard notebook. Ini kali pertama chat bersama teman. Senangnya ada webcam yang membantu melihat satu sama lain. Nah, selasa ini, teman-teman kecil masih ingin bertemu aysha lewat ym. Semua ingin menulis surat !  Wah, nggak cukup dong notebooknya. Walhasil, yang ingin menyapa aysha musti menulis dulu di buku untuk kemudian saya tuliskan di notebook. Inilah surat untuk aysha…

Maureen (8 tahun, kelas 3 SD)

Halo namaku maureen. Namamu siapa aku tinggal di bulumario sulawesi barat saya belajar bersama mis hani saya belajar bahasa inggris saya pinjam buku tarik mangga saya juga pinjam buku pasa jajan dan pasar sayur


Suci (9 tahun, kelas 3 MI)

Halo namaku suci nama panggilanku suci hari ini aku sedang belajar bahasa inggeris, tempat tinggalku di PT Suryaraya lestari satu, kecamatan sarudu desa bulu mario Namamu siapa Kemarin aku pinjam buku tentang bencana alam yaitu gunung meletus dan bencana alam sunami


Sinta (9 tahun, kelas 4 SD)

Halo namaku Debby sinta yuliana pangilanku sinta hari ini aku sedang belajar bahasa inggris bersama mis hani kalau aku tinggal di PT Suryaraya lestari 1, tempatnya di mamuju utara Sulawesi Barat aku mau kasih tau yang tadi saya pelajari hari ini mau tau : wake up, beakfast, go to school, play with friend, take a shower, study

  1. Bangun tidur
  2. Sarapan
  3. Ke sekolah
  4. Bermain bersama teman
  5. Mandi
  6. Belajar

Sekian dulu ya babay…..


Mutia (8 tahun, kelas 2 SD)

Hari ini aku bahasa inggris? Hai namaku mutia aku tinggal di? Surya bersama ke 2 orang tuaku? Kab mamuju utara sulawesi barat:???… aku lagi bhs inggis


Yuni (8 tahun, kelas 3 SD)

Halo namaku yuni kalau kamu namamu siapa kamu lagi ngapain aku lagi belajar bersama teman teman aku tinggal di PT surya raya lestari I kamu tinggal di jogja babay aisa

Angga (9 tahun, kelas 3 SD)

Namaku angga. Aku seda di rumah ibu guru aku tigal di SRL=1 nama kamu sapa nama kmu sedang majalah buku dharmaputra tsunamiku bikin apa